2019-2020 MN Xtreme Tryouts - Players only need to come to one night of tryouts.  Tryout location:  Rogers High School softball fields located on the back side of the school behind the tennis courts.

Monday, July 29 - 14s (2005 and 2006 birth years)  5-7 PM all; 7-8 PM pitchers/catchers

Tuesday, July 30 - 16s (2003 and 2004 birth years)  5-7 PM all; 7-8 PM pitchers/catchers

Wednesday, July 31 - 14s and 16s   5-7 PM all players; 7-8 PM pitchers/catchers

Tryout fee = $20 non-refundable fee to be paid onsite at night of tryout.  Cash or check only.  Checks made out to Xtreme/ROSA.  No credit cards accepted. 

Tryout Registration Link

Click here to register for 2019-2020 MN Xtreme tryouts

MN Xtreme Teams 

MN Xtreme teams are made up of competitive athletes who strive both on and off the field to continually improve their softball knowledge and skills.  For the 2019-2020 season we anticipate fielding 1-2 teams at the 14s level and 1-2 teams at the 16s level.  We are excited about our coaching resources for the 2019-2020 season and will supplement our teams with hitting instruction, pitching specialists as well as volunteers and team managers. 

Home Fields/Practice Locations

Fall, winter and summer practices are held in the Rogers and Otsego areas.  Home fields are at Rogers High School.

Cost & Fundraising

Anticipated cost to play on an Xtreme team from August 2019-July 2020 = $1,600.  We do our best to keep costs as low as possible with the expectation that each player and team will need to fundraise to cover all of the expenses for their team.  Fundraising is necessary to run the team for the year and to keep the player costs to a minimum.  Each team will determine their own fundraising options.  Team expenses cover 2-3 fall tournaments, fall and summer uniforms, winter training, 1-2 winter tournaments, 4-6 summer tournaments (expect at least 2 tournaments out of state with one of them being a longer tournament mid to end of July), paid coaches, dome and other practice facility/field rental fees, other costs TBD.  (Pitchers pay separate for additional pitching instruction outside of team instruction.)

Ideal Roster Size


Playing Time and Positions

At all levels, playing time will be earned and may not be equal.  Playing time and positioning will be solely at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Season Games & Tournaments

The MN Xtreme teams play in the Top Tier Minnesota league.  Click here to go to the Top Tier Facebook page

Tournament schedules are not yet determined however MN Xtreme players should expect to commit to a competitive schedule which may consist of several in-town and a minimum of 1-2 out of town tournaments.  Each team's coaching staff will decide if the team plays an early season tournament or over the 4th of July holiday week/weekend.  In addition, players should plan to attend out of town National, Regional and Showcase tournaments. 

Commitment and Expectations

Players will be expected to attend all scheduled practices and games during the regular season.  By accepting a roster spot on a MN Xtreme team you will be expected to make this team your first priority in regards to sports participation.  You will be expected to attend all winter dome ball games and practices that do not conflict with a winter sport that you may be playing .  Participation with family, school and religious commitments take priority and can be worked out with your coach.

Multi-sport Athletes

We support multi-sport athletes.  Our off-season work consists of individual instruction, clinics, possible dome ball and team practices but also takes into consideration the athletes 2nd sport and other community based commitments.  During the primary softball season you are expected to make all scheduled softball practices and games and make softball your priority sport.


Contact us at MNXtremeFastpitch@gmail.com.